Author Topic: We will be even tougher on the applications..  (Read 7970 times)

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We will be even tougher on the applications..
« on: August 08, 2010, 01:36:09 AM »
We have been known for being "too" tough on the applications, but unfortunately, we have decided to be even tougher, considering the fact that we have enough family members.. Regardless of your reputation, you will be watched for at least two-three rounds. We already have watched our applicants for at least one month before accepting them; however, from now on, it might take us even longer to make careful decisions.

One mistake might lead you to wait for another round or two.. We want perfectly ready players who will share moments with us till the end as family members.. In other words, we will not only watch your RP skills and other virtues, but most importantly, your loyalty.

You might be discouraged to apply for this family by this decision, but remember.. Our quality will be even higher than it is now. If you patiently show us your loyalty and sincere willingness to join us as a family member, then you will get paid back... We can assure you that..

TeaM is the best, I love this clan, I love this family.