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« on: July 27, 2009, 03:05:26 AM »

TeaM is one of the five official clans in Argonath. Therefore, we require our members to be as respected as possible to remain our reputation. Additionally, unlike many other clans, we try to make TeaM a family, not a clan composed of power-hungry people, in which our members socialize and befriend each other. However, we do not accept any people into TeaM; we try to be successful with quality, not quantity.

Our Team is currently associated with the following Games/Servers:

=> Paruni, RPG, and Stunt servers.

- Our main goals for MTA:VC are to be a great team, of only the best roleplayers, and to make MTA:VC as active as it used to be.

- Our main goals for SA:MP are to be a great team, of only the best roleplayers, and to spread our original methods of roleplaying from MTA:VC to SA:MP.

We try to be the most family-like clan, not the "best-looking" clan with power-hungry people.

We are keeping our name as TeaM on both servers to honor the memories of MTA:VC by keeping the word "MTA" in it.

TeaM is the best, I love this clan, I love this family.