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« on: August 04, 2011, 06:32:26 AM »
Greetings guys,

Obviously with the given situation the past couple of weeks I have found things difficult regarding the clan. I accept I have been removed, and support the wishes of the clan leaders. However, I do not appreicate the lack of communication regarding reasons behind my removal.

I was indirectly kicked out of the clan through my friend IRL, Raptor, whom MIB informed that we were both to be kicked. That in itself is lame and unprofessional, but whatever. The reason and meaning behind my kick, from what a gathered in a few short words was because I "didn't consider TeaM a family". I have a real family, a family in flesh and blood whom, I'm sorry, but I care a slight bit more about. My reasons for inactivity and apparent lack of "caring" were because of the issues I was having IRL.

I'm sorry I didnt post that in the Going Away section. However I didn't just "vanish" like everyone keeps saying, I did inform members of the clan of the current situation in my life, just not on the forums.

Anyway, the reason why this is in the Multi-media section is because I want every ****ing thing I ever contributed to this clan removing. Since I apparently deserve zero respect, I see no reason why I should give any.

I spent a LOT of time and money, in the past, hosting the website and forums, creating images and logos, banners, etc. And so I see no reason why I dont even deserve credit for the things I made that still remain today. I see no reason why I dont deserve a proper answer to why I was removed from the clan, I dont see why I deserve to be constantly ignored by MIB, and I see no ****ing reason why you think you have the right to still use my stuff I created for the clan when you give me zero respect for not putting this ****ing clan on a higher prority to my family and my real life.

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Re: :)
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2011, 07:00:02 AM »
1. You NEVER informed any of the leaders of this family. NONE of the members knew why you were gone. We discussed about you and your friend, raptor, more than twice at the family meeting. Everyone said they did not know about your whereabouts when we asked. We decided to kick you out 4-5 months ago, but when you returned a month or two ago, we decided to give you one more chance for what you did in the past. However, as we all already expected, you vanished again. We all agreed to kick you out at that moment.

2. WHY the heck should I talk to someone who failed my trust? Your "moving with my father + getting a new job + no internet connection" excuse was used more than 5 times already. You ALWAYS said that whenever you came back from your unnotified departure.

3. I do not kick my members for their inactivity unless they BOTHER to show that they care about us by informing us.

4. It is funny how you stated ingame that you have played other games but you never do here. So you had time to play other games even though you were going through those "IRL problems".

5. I do not care about what you think about us anymore. Why? As alluded above, you failed my trust and friendship. Actually, ours, not mine.

6. Your past works for TeaM belong to TeaM, not to you, as you agreed to give them to us. Furthermore, stop trying to regain our trust and respect for what you did in the PAST. Even though your works belong to us now, we will just remove all of your footsteps to clean our family.

Want to talk more about this? PM me. I will be more than glad to talk to someone who betrayed my friendship.


TeaM is the best, I love this clan, I love this family.

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Re: :)
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2011, 07:06:42 AM »
All your stuff is being removed.

We do not need it to remain a family, materialism will not make a tiny difference.

The most important is the friendship this clan has. Same friendship WE ALL lost from you.

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